The Detectives of Hazel Hill

Book 1 – NOT ALONE – Now Available at Amazon.comNot Alone by Liz Bradford

When single moms are turning up dead, Police Detective Rebecca Palmer will stop at nothing to bring the killer to justice.


Detective Rebecca Palmer is hunting a serial killer bent on inflicting a warped sense of Biblical judgment. But, with so few clues, she struggles to catch his trail. The killer’s obsession with murdering single moms grips Rebecca’s heart with profound intensity, since she herself is a single mom. Will she be able to stop him before he takes another mother away from her child?


Jared Johnson fought crime as a detective on the streets of Chicago but has decided to trade the inner city for the simpler life of the south. His brother said Hazel Hill, North Carolina is a great place to live, and Jared is willing to test his brother’s claims. But is the move just another stop as Jared runs from his past, or will Hazel Hill be the place his restless soul can finally settle down?


NOT ALONE is a Christian romantic suspense novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you cheer for love and justice to prevail.



Prequel – Christmas Novella – A FRIGHTFUL NOEL –
Now Available at

A FRIGHTFUL NOEL - Christmas novella - prequel to The Detectives of Hazel HillCan a gang execution, a pregnant witness, and a mountain-brewed snow storm be the perfect recipe for a Christmas miracle?
Doug Ramirez, a detective for the Hazel Hill Police Department, and his wife, Paige, an EMT for the fire department, thought they’d be dancing the night away even when the rest of North Carolina was hunkering down for a massive snow storm, but when Doug is called out to investigate a body in gang ridden area of the city, the dancing will have to wait. Doug and his partner, Rebecca Palmer, arrive on the scene of a gang execution and find a scared and pregnant witness to the murder. Their focus changes from hunting a murder to protecting this young girl from the killers. The snow storm swirling overhead only increases the risk on everyone’s lives. Will they all make it through the night alive?
You won’t want to put this novella down! A prequel to Liz Bradford’s NOT ALONE, read A FRIGHTFUL NOEL no matter where you are in the series. 


Book 2 – PURSUED – Coming Early 2019

A stack of missing person cold cases dating back over the last decade…  Detective Amelia Banik will solve this case if it’s the last thing she does.
Detective Amelia Banik is new to the Hazel Hill police department after not being on the force for six years to stay home with her kids. When she finds a pattern in a stack of cold cases that exactly matches her missing aunt’s case, she is compelled to prove herself and find answers for the families. But what good is a pattern if you have no evidence to follow? When another couple that fits the profile of the cold case victims goes missing, she is determined to find out what happened. But will she be too late?
Paramedic Caleb Johnson has taken advantage of his single life to serve the Lord, but he longs for a family. When a beautiful widow rolls into town with her adorable little children, hope ignites in his heart. But the shadow that hangs over Amelia’s heart threatens to shut him out forever. Will she stop running from God? Will Caleb be able to help her love again? Or will the case she’s working catch up to them?


Book 3 – ON YOUR KNEES – Coming Early 2019

Book 4 – A SHOT AT REDEMPTION – Coming 2019

Book 5 – <Title to be Determined>