I’m a wife, mother, second generation homeschooler, writer, and most importantly, a Jesus follower. I firmly believe that God has placed the desire in my heart to write stories that honor Him while being authentic and raw.

My first love for stories developed when I was a fifth grader who struggled to read. It was painful. But when I got a hold of a series of books (early reader chapter books) called the Three Cousins Detectives Club, I discovered that reading was fun. And I find it rather intriguing that the first series of books I’m developing as a writer are about a group of detectives (although these cases are much more serious in nature). I love how God works all things together. I write, and edit what I’ve already written, when I have a moment. Which are hard to find when you are homeschooling three little ones.

We are in our fourth year of homeschooling (officially anyway – I don’t really count preschool since we didn’t do anything formal). K, my gifted artist and animal lover, is eight and in third grade. Kj started first grade this year; she is six and a spunky little problem solver. E is three and loves to sing and dance and hug and keep up with her sisters!

Those of you who know me personally are probably wondering where the name Bradford came from (for those whom I haven’t met, yes, it is a pen name). Our real last name is rather difficult to spell, and I want my readers to be able to find me and easily share my name with their friends, so I chose to go the pen name route. I settled on Bradford without much hesitation because it is a family name. If you know your American history, the name William Bradford will mean something to you (for those of you who missed those classes, William Bradford came over on the Mayflower was a governor of Plymouth Colony). I am a direct descendant. We have also named our homeschool Bradford Academy after my Great-great-great….great-grandfather.

I hope you enjoy this blog. I plan on filling it will little glimpses into our homeschool, mostly as a record for myself, but I also hope it will be an encouragement to those also in the trenches. But that’s not all. I hope to start sharing little peaks into my fiction writing as well.




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